Are we losing our democracy?
Many of us are frustrated, disappointed, and angry with much of what is going on in our country today.The recent Supreme Court decisions on abortion, gun control, and climate change will leave devastating scars on our nation. Continued gun violence and voter suppression threaten our communities and erode our democracy.

We've lined up an exciting panel of speakers who are involved in standing up against these issues that threaten our democracy and we can't wait to hear your questions and comments and to learn from this knowledgeable panel. WE NEED YOU. Please plan to attend either on Zoom or, better yet, be there live to meet with your fellow members and invited guests.

Janice Robinson – Red, Wine and Blue
Sara Smith – North Carolinians Against Gun Violence
Tara Ewald – Democratic Precinct 127
Timer Colen – UNCC Senior

Find out what is going on with issues you care about; ask questions and share your thoughts; together we will learn ways we can advance racial equity and fight for true democracy. Please forward this email to family and friends who may be interested in this discussion – It takes a village and it takes all of us to build that village. WE NEED ALL OF YOU.

To attend in person: Masks required.
Davidson College Presbyterian Church Congregation House
218 Concord Road, Davidson
Parking available in the shared parking lot behind this and the ROTC building, and also along Concord Rd.


To attend virtually:
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