Who We Are

UiC North Mecklenburg logo

Unity in Community (UiC) is a multiracial, volunteer group of individuals committed to achieving racial equity in the North Mecklenburg, N.C. area. We are nonpartisan and open to all who share our vision.

Our Mission

Unity in Community exists to achieve racial equity primarily in the North Mecklenburg communities of Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville.

Our Goals

  • Working toward justice for all
  • Modeling love for “the other”
  • Increasing our understanding of race and racism
  • Building/strengthening relationships across different races
UiC was born from a shared sense of heartbreak and anger over hate and injustice targeted towards residents of color.

How UiC is Structured

Small Groups, which are central to our very basic and informal structure, are supported by a Board of Directors and Action Committees.

Board of Directors

  • Provides leadership and direction
  • Consults with Small Groups and Action Committees
  • Organizes and leads Large Group meetings

Action Committees

In addition to participating in a Small Group, Unity in Community encourages Supporters to participate in one of its Action Committees:

Education Committee: 

  • Creates and provides opportunities to help Supporters and the community at-large grow in our understanding of racism, racial equity, white privilege, and social justice. 
  • Enables Supporters to have respectful/authentic race related conversations with family and friends; equips members to engage in their communities, houses of worship, and organizations; and empowers them to be agents of change.
  • Develops curriculum designed to enhance Small Groups’ understanding of racism, racial equity, white privilege, black oppression, and social justice.

Social Justice Committee: 

  • Engages in voter registration and education.
  • Supports and promotes Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities.
  • Supports the preservation of historically African American neighborhoods in our communities.

Communications Committee: 

  • Keeps Supporters informed about UiC activities and opportunities, such as Large Group meetings, Small Group meetings, events, as well as local/state/national news and matters of interest related to race.
  • Promotes Unity in Community in the community.

Supporter Committee:

  • Responsible for Small Group operations, including new Supporter orientation and training.
  • Assigns new Supporters to Small Groups.
  • Provides Small Group facilitator training.
  • Conducts evaluations of Small Groups to assess best practices that can be shared among all Small Groups.

Small Groups

  • 75% of White people do not have a single Black friend and 65% of Black people do not have a single White friend. This is the disturbing statistic that birthed the idea of diverse Small Groups. 
  • Small Groups are the foundation of Unity in Community. Although not required, most Supporters choose to participate in Small Groups which are made up of 8-12 multiracial individuals, whose explicit purpose is to build relationships to promote racial equity. Small Groups meet at least once a month. 

Large Groups

The UiC Board and Supporters, including Small Groups and Committees, meet as a Large Group on a quarterly basis. In this forum, the Board, Small Groups, and Committees provide updates on UiC activities; vote on key issues; learn more about racism and social justice from guest speakers within the community; participate in group activities; and meet new UiC Supporters.

Love and Justice

Unity in Community does not claim to be a faith-based group, however, if we think about the saying, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” it’s hard to love your neighbor if you don’t know your neighbor. And once you begin to know your neighbor, you begin to trust your neighbor and then to love your neighbor. And where there is love, justice is possible.

Join us and be a part of Unity in Community – where you can make a positive difference in our North Mecklenburg community!